Foreword 2016

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This is our Foreword

For us, our undergraduate years have consituted something much more than just an education — they have constituted the introduction to our careers. Our Foreword. We hope you'll join us in celebration of design, illustration, art, and camaraderie. We're eager to share our beginning with you!

Seattle Pacific University
VCD Showcase
05.25.16 – 06.09.16

Seattle Pacific Art Center
3 West Cremona St.
Seattle, WA

Gallery Opening
06.02.16 5 – 7pm

Who we are

Elanor Barosko
Marissa Dehler
Abbie Drake
Heather Dunmoyer
Jonathan Duyker
Josh Edwards
Emma Farnsworth
Grace Kim
Susannah Lonac
Stephen Lumpe
Oleg Masnyy
Logan Pendergrass
Katie Reagan
Madeleine Robertson
Ruth Tse
Jack Wall
Alec Whitmore
Julia Yemelianov

Located in the timeless Seattle Pacific Art Center